Colloque international : The Contribution of Artistic Genres to the Construction of the Dutch Golden Age (Haarlem, 6-7 juin 2019)

The Contribution of Artistic Genres to the Construction of the Dutch Golden Age
Second colloque du programme de recherche :  “Un siècle d’Or? Repenser la peinture hollandaise du XVIIe siècle”, Université de Genève

Organisateurs :
Susanne Bartels, Jan Blanc, Léonie Marquaille, Marije Osnabrugge, Léonard Pouy

Haarlem, Frans Halsmuseum, 6 & 7 juin 2019

Inscriptions (jusqu’au 30 mai) :


6 juin, 2019 :

09:15 accueil

Session I : Introduction to Artistic Genres (modér. Elmer Kolfin)

09:30 Jan BLANC (University of Geneva) : On artistic genres in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic: definitions, taxinomies, hierarchies​

09:50 Weixuan LI (University of Amsterdam / Huygens-ING Institute, The Hague) : Comprehending the concepts of genre and specialization in the eyes of seventeenth-century connoisseurs: a digital approach

10:10 Tijana ZAKULA (University of Utrecht) : From genre scenes à l’antique to genre sérieux: the contribution of Gerard de Lairesse

10:30 discussion

11:00 pause

Session II : Artistic Genres and the Artist (modér. : Léonard Pouy)

11:30 Susanne BARTELS (University of Geneva / RKD, The Hague) : Guns and roses: versatility and fluidity in the oeuvre of Jacques de Gheyn

11:50 Edwin BUIJSEN (Mauritshuis / RKD, The Hague) : From all-rounder to ‘niche genre’ painter: the artistic development of Adriaen van de Venne

12:10 discussion​

12:40 Introduction to the permanent collection of the Frans Halsmuseum by Marrigje Rikken (Head of Collections Frans Halsmuseum)

12.50 déjeuner

Session III : Artistic Genres and Society I (modér. : Angela Jager)

14:30 Norbert MIDDELKOOP (Amsterdam Museum, Amsterdam) : The corporate group portrait and the notion of genre​

14:50 Léonard POUY (Sorbonne University, Paris / University of Geneva) : The Guardroom Scene as Self-Representation

15:10 Tabea SCHINDLER (University of Bern) : The Development of Oriental Tronies by the Rembrandt Circle and its Role in the Construction of the Dutch Golden Age

15:30 discussion

16:00 visite du musée

7 juin, 2019​

Session IV : Artistic Genres and Society II (modér. : Marije Osnabrugge)​

9:15 V.E. MANDRIJ (University of Konstanz) : Otto Marseus van Schrieck and the sottobosco paintings: a hybrid genre depicting another Dutch Golden Age

9:35 Jessie Wei-Hsuan CHEN (University of Utrecht) : Picturing Flowers as a Genre: Constructing the Culture of Collecting Nature in the Dutch Golden Age​

9:55 discussion​

10:30 pause

Session V : Artistic Genres : The Bambocciata (modér. : Susanne Bartels)

11:00 Suzanne BAVAREZ (ENS ULM/EPHE, Paris) : The Bambocciata: investigating a “would-be genre”

11:20 Jennifer RABE (University of Bern) : “Soggetti vili, popolari”: Bambocciata as a Fatal Genre

11:40 discussion​

12:10 déjeuner​

Session VI : Hybridity (modér. : Léonie Marquaille)

13:50 Helen HILLYARD (Dulwich Picture Gallery) : The Hybrid Genre: Pieter Saenredam’s ‘Perspectives’​

14:10 Carole FONTICELLI (Sorbonne University, Paris) : Woman, saint, example and allegory: the different faces of Mary Magdalene in seventeenth-century Dutch painting

14:30 discussion

15:00 pause

Session VII : Affects and Effects (modér. : Jan Blanc)

15:20 Lizzie MARX (University of Cambridge / Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) : Smelling the Dutch Golden Age Through Artistic Genres

15:40 Stephanie DICKEY (Queen’s University, Kingston) : The Iconography of Pain in the Work of Rembrandt and his Contemporaries: A Case Study in the Fluidity of Genre Categories

16:00 discussion

17:00 Conclusion / Cocktail

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